Import Fees From Germany

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j0nb0y | 21:00 Thu 11th Feb 2021 | Law
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My son has ordered some electronic equipment from a company in Germany, he did not realise he would have to pay 'import duty', which UPS are requesting (£120.00). If he doesn't accept delivery and the items get returned to the supplier, does the supplier still have to pay the import duty? The import duty makes the items more expensive than in the UK, but if the supplier is going to take the import duty off his refund, he might as well pay it and learn from his experience. he has emailed the supplier, but they have not come back to him yet.

Any advice would be much appreciated. TIA.


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Even if parts of a Ferguson TV are made abroad, they are only components of the whole, which is made by British Tyneside workers.
Chinese TVs are made by Chinese workers (some near slave status) from Chinese components,
Go figure!
Assembled in the UK. I think it is disingenuous to describe their tvs as manufactured in the UK. Now, can you point me to a smartphone made in the UK?
Is lockdown making everyone argumentative for its own sake? I never said other than buy British when possible. British.
Please explain. Is an MG car (good old British marque) but owned/manufactured in China, a British car? Or Vauxhall, was owned by Americans and now part of Amsterdam-based Stellantis (who? I hear shouted). Or could it be Nissan, Japanese-owned but some models made in the UK? Maybe Honda? So, which would you buy?
ginge, you need to set your sights higher. Aston Martin is the answer
You need to get in quick with your Aston Martin order, with the company 5% owned by Daimler who plan to increase that stake to 20%, and provide many component parts to Aston Martin.

You could always go for trusted British Marques, a Mini (100% owned by BMW), or Rolls Royce (also 100% owned by BMW).
//..but I cannot buy British grown tomatoes at this time of year.//

You should not be eating fresh tomatoes at this time of year. One of the reasons why the UK has an enormous "food deficit" is because people will not eat "in season." Nobody needs fresh tomatoes in February.
gingejbee. Honda are made (still) in Swindon & employ British workers, many parts including the body panels are made right there on the site, many parts are made in other parts of Britain (ditto) Some parts come from other places abroad - that is the way things are in motor manufacturing.
Buying a Honda, apart from it being a good car, is helping the UK economy better than buying, say, a Renault (which isn't as good a car anyway).
I should add that not every model of Honda is made in Swindon, this is from their website;

'In 1994, production of the Honda Civic, began in Swindon, alongside the Accord. The Civic, and its Tourer and Type-R variants, continue to be produce in Swindon today, along with the CR-V, Honda’s compact SUV.

In May 2019, Honda confirmed that the plant will close in 2021, when the current Civic goes out of production.'

Very sad loss, still Nissan will remain & expand.
NJ, I have an allotment and a big garden and grow and preserve a lot of fruit and veg so I do eat the majority of my food seasonally. I do have a weakness for fresh tomatoes, shoot me now.

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Import Fees From Germany

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