Attachment To Earnings For Rent Arrears

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Ric.ror | 14:04 Fri 29th Jan 2021 | Law
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It’s not happened to me yet but if a tenant was to get into arrears would I be able to obtain an ATE order to recoup any outstanding sums - after eviction of course


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I think you would need a court to make an ATE order.
yep, you'll need a CCJ first
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Thank you for your prompt replies
As I said this has not happened to me but I just wonder if that is the case
having GOT a CCJ ( well that is a first for an Aber)
I looked at this
and found when I was trying to do so
that the info reqd for the ct made it not feasible

I think I needed HIS NINO and his employers details
both of which I didnt have a chance of getting

whereas sending bailiffs and then sheriffs around to the new address was much more of a goer

Question Author
Ok PP - what’s a NINO and did you recoup any of your money?
National Insurance number
If the tenant is on benefits it is easy to recoup money from their, for example, Universal Credit. Look for the landlord portal on Gov.UK website. the amount will, however, be modest per month.
National Insurance Number.
Question Author
Thank you for your answers - very informative- for instance I was not aware lost money could be recouped from Benefits- I did know that a lot of landlords had decided not to have claimant clients because of the change in rules regarding options on direct payment to landlords

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Attachment To Earnings For Rent Arrears

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