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seekeerz | 05:51 Wed 02nd Dec 2020 | Law
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When does a deceased estate become closed - who does this and what does it entail, thanks


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Once all possible will instructions have been followed, all debts cleared, all necessary persons and agencies informed and all assets assigned to the designated beneficiaries.
v good q
and v good answer

in short - the law students have to learn the longer answer which is in itself a fascinating branch of loo-er but probably doesnt concern us. Involving the queensland tax commissioner and another fella - who kept a chandelier for ten years and then disposed of it - - when did he duties cease?

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Thank you both for replying - so once everything has been done, then is it just assumed that the estate is closed ? My husband died in March and to my knowledge everything has been attended to, but I was asked today if the Estate had been closed and as far as I know it hasn’t but nothings been said so I’m non the wiser....perhaps I should ring my solicitor.
can't harm ring the solicitor.
From experience of using Banks Solicitors for my MIL's Will -, When Solicitor has completed executing the Will you should receive confirmation from them, with a full breakdown of the Estate and their fees.
It certainly would not hurt to ring and give them a nudge.
There's no strict legal definition of 'closing an estate'. As others have suggested though, the phrase usually just means completing the executors' tasks.

See here:
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Thanks everyone it’s all sorted :))

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Deceased Estate

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