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Repoman29 | 19:54 Sun 20th Sep 2020 | Law
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I lent money to a friend and they are refusing to pay me back I have proof and witnesses to back me up what are my options please


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What proof? Did they sign anything?
Question Author
No I've got bank statements showing money transfer
Statements of money transfer doesn't prove it was lent
Assuming that you're not considering going down the path of employing a couple of big guys with baseball bats, the only route open to you is as follows:

Step 1:
Send a formal, written demand to the debtor. Your letter (not email) must be dated, show your name and address and that of the debtor. It should be sent by Royal Mail's 'Signed For' service, even if you see the guy every day or if he lives next door to you, in case you need to prove to a court that he received it. Your letter should include the words 'Demand for Payment', indicating the amount owed and the reason for your demand. It should also include a statement indicating that if the money is not repaid within a specified period of time (I suggest 14 days) you will commence legal proceedings to recover your money.

Step 2:
Wait to see if you get your money within the specified time frame.

Step 3:
If you've not been paid back, commence legal proceedings against the debtor via the Small Claims procedure, using the official online claims process:
they are not your friend.
Can you prove that is was not a gift and should have been paid back by a specified time?
Judge Rinder!
You don't say how much. But might it be worth it to be shot of them ?
Hey there, I would like to tell you that he/she is your friend. Relation of best friends is like a real brother/sister. So, try to resolve these problems peacefully. Don't take any legal actions.
There is something you need to consider before starting legal action. Is it a case that your friend can't pay you back, rather than won't?

If he has no money, no assets and is not working it simply won't be worth the time and expense of taking him to court. The magistrate can order him to pay, you can pay for bailiffs - take all the enforcement action available and it does not guarantee you will get your money.
//I lent money to a friend and they are refusing to pay me back //

That rather suggests they are 'refusing' rather than 'can't 'pay back

Perhaps the OP can clarify ?
I agree with Tora, they are not a friend.

Sounds more like a conman (or woman) to me.
my sister lent a couple of "friends" a lot of money to help them over a sticky period with the promise they would pay her back ,she never heard from them again .she told me it was a lesson learned .
Repoman (?) Hi, I think you need to say how much money is owed to get the best advice. Someone refusing to pay back a tenner is not quite the same as someone refusing to pay back £1000.
alot of maundering
yes see Buenchico

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Money Owed

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