Mother Sued Unfairly By Employer

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LaurenD | 19:32 Tue 15th Sep 2020 | Law
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My mother runs boarding kennels and last year one of her employers didn't turn up for work. Next thing she knew, he had sued for Constructive Dismissal, citing a pack of lies about unfair treatment and sending in a bunch of staged photographs.
My mum's solicitor has advised my mum to settle out of court, and the employee wants £20,000. My mum is elderly now and her premises are regularly inspected by the local council and The Kennel Club and passed.
She has been advised to avoid the stress of a court hearing and the risk of his being awarded more, as she cannot possibly prove that his allegations are lies.
Is there any redress she can take? Can she sue him for defamation of character after the case is over? I know she can't use any of the Legally Privileged information submitted already, but is there anything else she can do?
It is appallingly unfair that he will get away with all these lies and be rewarded for them.


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Question Author
Sorry - I meant employee, sued by employee. SHE is the employer!

Your Mother runs Boarding Kennels yet one of her employERS is suing her. don't get that, thought she was the Boss?

Ok, got it now,
Question Author
Sorry I made a mistake - being sued by employee.
You have posted this question twice. I suggest you contact Ed and ask for the other one to be removed.
// as she cannot possibly prove that his allegations are lies.//

How can he prove he is telling the truth? Is it one word against another or are there witnesses? I would be tempted to say 'sue me' and see what happens. he may be trying it on. It would be helpful to know what these 'staged' photos are.
Is this matter placed before an industrial tribunal since it involves an employment dispute?

Without knowing more details, an award of £20k which would be in excess of the gross annual salary for such a job – would only be awarded on rare occasions unless there is some physical injury involved.
Shame on you bhg481.
Constructive advice is what she wants, not nit picking.
Did the solicitor say why they gave the advice they did ?
One has to prove guilt not innocence.
I'm a little confused Lauren. Did your mum terminate his employment or did he just not come to work? If she did fire him, has she got a disciplinary process in place and did she follow it? If she did, and has records of such, he shouldn't have a leg to stand on.

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Mother Sued Unfairly By Employer

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