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hannah40 | 16:38 Wed 09th Sep 2020 | Law
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I’m so confused. We run a community drama group for 15 service users who have learning disabilities .
I assumed with new rules we have to cancel.
Now I’m told by our local council community groups can meet as long as they are Covid secure.
But I haven’t read that.
Does any one else run a drama group and understand New rules?


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The exemptions to the six person rule haven't been published in full as yet.
ML is correct but, until and unless, I am afraid you will have to cancel until our BFLs change the rules again.

I feel for you - it's horrible.
You should ask the local council again tomorrow by which time they may have the more detailed document. But if they still say it's okay provided you make it Covid secure then you should proceed as if it will go ahead -assuming you were already Covid secure as I think that was a requirement before- just like schools and gyms.

If not, would it be possible to break into 3 groups of 5 for a while?
>until our BFLs change the rules again.

Not sure what BFL means but I am sure it's not praising our leaders,
It's not easy is it- people complain we are too lax and others say restrictions are too great; people complain about the restrictions regime and want it changing but then complain that the government makes u turns or changes things again. I'm afraid as some restrictions are lifted (schools, universities, hairdressers and restaurants and gyms reopened over last few months) there will be a need to tweak things if infections pick up (as they have)- after all they'd be accused of not responding quickly enough if they didn't.
So we will have uncertainty for some time jim I'm afraid.
There is a good chance you'll be okay provided you are covid secure- distancing, gels, cleaning, contact details of all present, Just make sure you stress it's an educational class as there are exemptions from the blanket rule of six for educational groups, gyms, sports clubs and various others
So, the virus knows whether you’re there for fun, or education or work?
What an absolute pile of nonsense, as always.
Why not just try to help the poster instead of spouting views that were not asked for
Okay cloverjo- should we close schools then? should hannah's group be stopped from meeting? I think allowing this group to continue is more valuable to this group than a house party would be to some selfish adults, but if you disagree then i can't change that
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Thank you for comments. I don’t make money from the group as it’s a CIC community interest company but we only started back on Monday all Covid secure and out doors . So this is all sad for the users that have Autism and Down syndrome.
I'm not sure why you think it's sad. The Council has said you can do it so long as you are covid secure. If you aren't covid secure you wouldn't have been eligible to meet anyway even before the change.

The published list shows it's a valid exemption. According to the government website, gatherings of more than six people will be allowed where the household or support bubble is larger than six, or where the gathering is for work or education purposes.

The other exemptions are:

for work, and voluntary or charitable services

for education, training, or registered childcare (including wraparound care)

fulfilling legal obligations such as attending court or jury service

providing emergency assistance, or providing support to a vulnerable person

for you or someone else to avoid illness, injury or harm

participate in children’s playgroups

wedding and civil partnership ceremonies and receptions, or for other religious life-cycle ceremonies – where up to 30 people will be able to attend

funerals – where up to 30 people will be able to attend

organised indoor and outdoor sports, physical activity and exercise classes

youth groups or activities

elite sporting competition or training

protests and political activities organised in compliance with COVID-19 secure guidance and subject to strict risk assessments

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Covid S New Rules

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