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Shamma | 00:07 Thu 09th Jul 2020 | Law
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1) “Although there is no complete list of adequacy criteria for moral judgments, moral judgments have certain requirements that should be followed”. Explain the three requirements for moral judgments.

2) “Before evaluating utilitarianism, one should understand some points that might lead to confusion and misapplication”. Explain and comments on three points only.

3) Explain the differences between the two approaches: Utilitarian and Libertarian?


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We're not keen on doing people's homework for them on this site but this should get you started with Q1 anyway:
Indeed, Buenchico and that, in itself, might be a moral judgement?
Some would class it as immoral to get someone else to do your homework for you and pass it off as your own work.
And yet some ask for answers to crosswords, really defeating the object of doing one.
True, but unless there is a prize, one is morally free to give up and ask what they couldn't work out.
this is straight from your lecture course and set text isnt it?
read the m and there is the answer

for 3) eg = utilitarian is having some end in mind
libertarian is doing it or allowing it to be done so long as it is not against the law
but really there is going to be a nbit in your book about this
read it !

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