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bobc1941 | 06:41 Sun 05th Jul 2020 | Law
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If Maxwell is found guilty is there any possibility that the money her father stole from the Daily Mirror pension fund can be returned to all those Mirror pensioners ?


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If it's still available yes. But I think it unlikely. It will be stowed away in a false name.
No. There's no connection between the charges against her and the sins of her father.
Not a chance. They shoud have pursued Maxwells' sons for that money. My friend paid into that scheme for nearly 30 years and received nothing.
No chance. She cannot be held responsible for something her father did.
if she received stolen funds, why not? Hard to prove, unfortunately.
not bad asnwers
no on the face of it
the chair clarion andy - correct

BUT if they cd show - wh they cant or they woulda done it already - a link to the stolen funds ( equitable tracing ) then there cd be a civil action

but we know most of went to support the share price innit?
that is the money isnt there anymore - it is gone - like - destroyed

but since we are here
v good interview on "this morning" this morning
frat lawyer from 'cisco doing the usual thing with Epstein 'victims' out for the blood of shee-larn
and a media lawyer Mark Wade

who didnt have a go at the leddy - lawyer form stateside

but calmly pointed out the odd things
no interrogatories - no visits here ( rather than randy andy goes there) all of which are poss under english law

good parting shart
Mark Wade for it is he: Denied bail and in prison. I hope they can keep her safe for the next seven days ....
What struck me in this is what a great property £800,000 gets you in the USA - complete with 156 acres!

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Ghislane Maxwell

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