To Pay Or Not To Pay

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ilovemarkb | 20:47 Thu 25th Jun 2020 | Law
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I have a log cabin booked for September through Hoseasons. I'm unable to get through on the phone to let them know that the details are incorrect. It states its for 2 adults but its actually 4 adults. The remaining balance is due tommorow. Ive also emailed them but had no response yet. I feel uncomfortable paying the balance with the current Covid situation. However I'm frightened that we will lose our deposits and holiday if we DONT pay tommorow. Can anyone advise me what is the safest thing is to do please


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Hi. Might be worth asking Ed to delete either this or the duplicate question you put in Travel
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Wasnt sure if this should go in law or travel so posted in both. Is this not allowed?
It can get confusing or lead to an incomplete set of replies as some reply to one and others reply to the other. I think there 'duplicated question' is given as a reason to report a question. It may be better to pick one and encourage everyone to answer that, but it's up to you
Multiple posts aren't recommended.

How is your travel insurance? I'v read on here people who have lost deposits and can't claim as ''it's only a holiday in this country'' and aren't covered.

You could pay the deposit and turn up at the right time to find 2 adults and 2 children have been catered for which isn't what you wanted and then have a ruined holiday.

If you haven't heard back by, say noon, then don't pay the rest of the deposit. (that's just my opinion tho)
On their website it says,

"✓ Pay for your 2020 break just 3 weeks before you go

To give you more time to pay for your holiday during these uncertain times, we’ve moved the balance due date for bookings* with arrival dates up to 31st December 2020 to just 21 days before your holiday is due to start. If you choose to cancel your holiday before your balance due date, then we will waive your liability for the remainder of the balance and no further amount will be collected from you. If you choose to cancel on or after your balance due date, then you will need to pay the cancellation charges (according to the number of days before the start of your holiday) as set out in the cancellation charges table which you can find in your booking conditions, as well as any applicable booking fees, admin charges or insurance premiums that you owe. See booking conditions here."

That means you need not pay the balance until August.

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To Pay Or Not To Pay

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