Drop Hands Agreement?

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divegirl | 10:00 Fri 19th Jun 2020 | Law
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I am currently involved, well trying to end an employment dispute [made via ACAS], and my ex-employer's solicitor has asked that I retract an outstanding request for a Subject Access Request I made earlier this month.
I just want the whole thing to go away and they are trying to scare me with losing and having to pay costs [it's worked, well that and my mental health].
Do they have the right to stop me seeing what is legally mine to see? I will be speaking to my man at ACAS today but am just trying to get my head round why they have requested this specifically?
Maybe they have something to hide lol
I can not get a solicitor, I have tried. but bullying for no reason other than your face not fitting is very hard to prove!


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you could ask them why I guess. No they do not have the right to stop you asking for an SAR
although if you're trying to end it, unless you need the info for another reason, then you could just retract it
Just ignore my answers please
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They both make sense to me :)

This is just three years of my life that has been awful... and I really do just want to let go of it all but I was just curious as to why they would ask for this one specific thing.
I'll speak to ACAS later, was just looking for thoughts x
I hadn't fully appreciated what a drop hands agreement was before I posted. How come it's been going on for 3 years? I thought there was a strict time limit on tribunals?
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The tribunal is within it's time limits, the bullying however has been going on for a lot longer.
Thank you for taking the time to answer x
I’m not an employment lawyer (or anything like that), but I thought that in the normal course of events (at employment tribunal hearings) costs would not be awarded against the loosing litigant unless it was an exceptionally vexatious case.
`NO they cannot stop you pursuing the request for data
I dont know why they have asked you to stop

the request means they cant stop you by themselves
but I think you probably realised that

will it benefit your case if you dont get the data - no heavens no

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Drop Hands Agreement?

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