Landlord Evicting Tenant Fear Do Coronavirus

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newbie99 | 19:47 Mon 30th Mar 2020 | Law
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A friend is a key worker and rent a room, and he has been asked to leave by the landlord and other tenants.
The other tenants and landlord argue that my friend could catch the virus from his work place and infect the rest of the people in the same property.
Can they throw or evict my friend with out giving the formal notice period.?


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There is no process for evicting people at present for at least 3 months although life could be made difficult if they threw out all his stuff and changed the locks
Your friend's rights will depend upon whether he's got an assured shorthold tenancy, whether he's living with others on a 'shared home' basis or whether he's classed as a lodger. See the links here (under 'Private renting agreements') for further information:

He's not the first to be affected in this way though:
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Apparently my friend has been kicked out of the property last night when he finished the work shift. When I tried to help by contacting Shelters, the advice was that the landlord can't kick my friend out. But my friend was prevented from going to the property. They didn't allow my friend to take his belongings. Neighbor called the police and the police didn't help my friend, instead asked him to leave.
My friend pays £300 a month for the room and has a written contract. But the contract but seems useless under the current situation as we all understand that the we fear more of the virus than the unlawful eviction.
Shelters could not offer any place to stay. All I could do is offered my friend a hotel accommodation for a week.
not sure if the CAB are working currently, they might be able to advise your friend..
Very small minded IMO.

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Landlord Evicting Tenant Fear Do Coronavirus

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