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LadyDTM | 15:21 Mon 17th Feb 2020 | Law
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My sister works 25.5 hrs per week mon, tues & weds on a permanent contract, she was off sick on Dr advise last week and gave employer a self cert. She has returned back to work today, so effectively including non working days has been sick for 7 days. Is she entitled to ssp? Thanks in advance. (Not sure if this is correct category)


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Yes you are entitled after 4 consecutive days off sick, so it will only be a portion of the £94.25 per week entitlement.
There are some proviso's, must hev been working for hte 8 weeks previous and earn over £118 pw.

Payment will depend on which days of the week worked as well. So after the 4 qualifying days, how many work days were missed? One day wil be approx £24 and 2 approx £37
Does h
er employer not pay sick pay then?
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Ah sorry just reread, asshe only does 3 days per week and then those would be the qualifying days only (ssp bceomes payable on the 4th day) so won't be entitled to SSP
The Qualifying Days (QDs) are the normal working days, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday in this case.

There may have been entitlement to SSP from the fourth QD but as she returnt to work on that day, there is no entitlement.

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