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ImLostAgain | 15:59 Mon 03rd Feb 2020 | Law
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Today my sister entered a hospice. Can her children use her blue badge when visiting her or is that illegal?


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I'm sure they shouldn't according to the rules.
The person to whom a blue badge is issued must be either the driver of the vehicle when it's used or a passenger in that vehicle. So the answer to your question is 'No.
No they cannot use the badge. The badge should only be used when the person whose name is on it is in the car.
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Ok. Thanks all. A bit of a difficult time and I didn't have it in me to search for an answer. Thanks again.
No. It is awarded to your sister only as a driver or passenger. When my father went into a Macmillan hospice a few years ago. Immediate family was issued with parking permits for the grounds. Ask at the reception to see if they provide a similar service where you are.
Difficult time for your family ImLostAgain , sending best wishes.
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Thanks Mamyalynne.
Yes it is difficult, she's my last link to the past.
Good idea klazomaniac.
// You must never give the badge to friends or family to allow them to park for free, even if they are visiting you.//

from the govt site

I thought you were allowed to shop for someone and use it but it seems not
No, PP. You can use the car that is taxed as disabled to do their shopping and run other errands on their behalf (so long as relevant insurance is in place) but you can't use the blue badge.
barry1010, it's the blue badge that was asked about using and that one is a no.

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