Taking Someone To Court - Is There Any Benefit To Making A Joint Claim With Someone Also Owed?

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joko | 13:27 Sat 21st Dec 2019 | Law
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i am owed a lot of money from a job, so also is another girl i met during the job and have become friends with.
we have both chased him for the money for years and finally had enough

is there any benefit to making a joint claim? he also owes a number of other people too.

its a complicated case but there is no doubt he owes it and has been promising us it for years, and saying when this happens when that happens when the money comes through etc etc etc

im wondering if the fact that its not just me, that he did this to a few people will strengthen the case?

i know it will help me in creating and hearing the case if i have her there, as back up and in creating the documents etc - its been a long time so theres a lot of history and back story to the situation.

but me and this girl are not partners or connected in anyway, other than colleagues, so it is not a joint debt or anything.

also, i am owed more than her - he actually paid her some money from this debt.

one issue is the limit for small claims court is £10, 000 - my original debt was £7, 000 but now with interest and late payments - which he suggested we add - its well over £10, 000, and her original was £4, 000.
would we be awarded £10, 000 each or would we only only be allow £10g in total?
if togetehr it would mean we would only get just under our original debt each - which is crap given the *** we've put up with with this issue.

is there any way we can do it so we are aiming for the £10g each?
but still do the case together?
the case is identical info etc so itd save the court time to hear the case together

any thoughts?

is it worth working together on this?

thanks :)


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no dont join

yes claim for £10 000

that is just about it

the claim will be decided on the facts and not whether there are others or he is a child-molester ( which Everyone knows)

it is a big deal first time
and then you know what to do

awful run around but worf it for 10k

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Taking Someone To Court - Is There Any Benefit To Making A Joint Claim With Someone Also Owed?

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