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feebletoe1492 | 19:54 Sun 29th Sep 2019 | Law
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I have recently had my PayPal account hacked..this is the second time in three years.. somebody has recently purchased Ryanair tickets two days ago..I contacted the bank and this was indeed the case..but at least it was pending..I have managed to stop it in time....has anybody else had this done to them?...and what did you do?


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Not had it done but certainly change your password.
I`d change the account email also
Ryanair must know who purchased the tickets.
And if they've not flown yet, the police can nab the thief.
Think about your PayPal password - DON'T POST IT HERE, THOUGH!

Honestly, how guessable is it?

Does it look anything like this: Troggle35Hopper£* ?

If it doesn't, there's your answer.
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Here's the thing my daughter set up my PayPal acc years ago and when it was hacked three years ago I have no memory of changing it..or no idea what it is..will phone PayPal tomorrow..tried today but it was closed
You need a new password, as advised already. Mine has 24 characters, easily remembered. Not birthdays initials. Enough said. Hope you manage to sort it.
It should be impossible for anyone to hack your PayPal account if you follow the basic rules:

1. Always use a different email address for PayPal to that which you use anywhere else ;

2. Never use the same password for your PayPal account that you use elsewhere ;

3. Always use an 'unguessable' password, ensuring that you use both uppercase and lowercase letters in it and that you include at least one number or special character (such as ? , % or ^).

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Hacked Paypal Account

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