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Fudiot | 13:49 Mon 02nd Sep 2019 | Law
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If asked for photographic age verification, can I demand their I.D. The information they seeking may be used in part for Identification Fraud.


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It depends whose asking
no, you have no right to demand somebody shows you their id
it may be that they have no more right to ask for age identification than you have the right to see their ID....If its a commercial transaction and neither will give way then if you both want to do business then you will both have to pony up....if they are only going to look at whatever you offer and not copy it or take it out of your sight then I can't see how they can use it for ID fraud.

Demand whose ID?
Who is asking you for the ID?
Your question, as it stands, is too vague to provide a definitive answer to.

A person who simply asks to see your 'proof of age', and who has no wider role than actually supplying you with age restricted goods (or with an age-restricted service), such as a shop assistant or tattooist, isn't obliged to show your their own ID.

However if a store's security guard interacts with you in any way (such as when supporting a shop assistant who is seeking proof of age from you), you can demand to see his SIA badge.

Similarly, if you were to be stopped by a police officer who was concerned that you were wrongly in possession of age-restricted items, you could demand to see his warrant card.
it reads as though fudiot is not the youngster ( demandee ) but the demander

I imagine there are times when you need ident for a sale -I think it may be lawful to say - no ident - no sale

You can decline to sell to whomever you want, can't you ?
so I think you could say or put up a notice - "no sale of tobacco, alcohol, exotic ungulates without photo ident"

and no I dont believe you can use and store the data for ident fraud unless you tell them.

and yes if you are going to do this and collect and store information, I think you have to be registered with the ICO

mu opinion. read the other threads - you will see others disagree
"and no I dont believe you can use and store the data for ident fraud unless you tell them."

I doubt telling someone their data will be used for identity fraud would encourage them to provide it.
this is what I believe the law demands
he is collecting it for one reason - ident
and then using it for possible fraud

Peter, did you mean camelids and giraffe or rare balms from Cathay and Araby? :-)
Often asked for at my local store if someone is buying cigs or alcohol
exotic ungulates
the ones that get the BSE , CJD variant
which I think is exotic ungulate myelopathy ( or something )
similar to aleutian mink disease that er aleutian minks get
// Often asked for at my local store if someone is buying cigs or alcohol//

jesus all they ask me is - if I am going to die can I do it outside please?
Question Author
Amazon is at the point of this question. And a delivery of an item purchased from Amazon. Only people 18+ can have Amazon account and I have been a customer since 2014. That would make me at least 23 now. I viewed an item, added to basket and then paid for it. Three different screens and no mention of 18+ restriction. The delivery driver arrived at my door and told me he required photographic age verification. I am 73. I showed him my driving licence. He tapped some details into an electronic device and left. I didn’t see the van or notice if he was wearing any form of I.D. Amazon use many different ways of shipping items to your door.... a man in a car very often.
Amazon have to ask for ID on every delivery now, where there is an over 18 purchase. I'm sure you can ask him for ID to show he is a delivery driver if you like. You might not get your order, but it's your choice.
mine asks for date of birth. They apologise and say they have to.
It looks like Amazon has changed their policy. The snapshot produced by a relevant Google search shows a reference to a 'Challenge 25' policy:
However clicking through to actual the link seems to show that all recipients of age-restricted goods are now required to produce ID:

I can't think of anything that can be seen on a driving licence that could be used for ID theft. I'd happily give a photocopy of a driving licence to a total stranger, even if he was wearing a big badge with 'ID thief' on it. It wouldn't be of much use to him, so why should I be bothered?
oh and the amazon folk who deliver my amazon parcels all wear lanyards with ID cards
I have no photo ID so would have problems ordering age-restricted items.

FUDIOT, although you would be clearly over age twenty-five (unless you have a painting in the loft) that does not mean you are the person who placed the order.

CHRIS, if someone were able to fake a new photo driving licence, could they not use all your details and just substitute their own photo?

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