More Stupidity From The Judiciary

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Canary42 | 18:39 Mon 24th Jun 2019 | Law
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The judge described him as a "grave and enduring risk to the public". . . .

. . .(my italics) but then . . .

"Crossley, 47, of Leyton, east London, was found guilty of two counts of attempted murder and will serve a minimum of 12 years."

Only 12 years (out after 6 no doubt) - he should be put away permanently (or how about 44 years, i.e. until he reaches the age of his elder victim).


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Padded cell seems more appropriate.
A lethal injection seems more appropriate.
>>> out after 6 no doubt

Unlike fixed-term sentences, the minimum time specified for a murder conviction isn't halved when determining how long an offender will spend in prison. Indeed, there can be no guarantee that an offender will be released from prison at the end of the specified minimum period, or even at all. For example, David McGreavy was jailed for a minimum period of 20 years but he wasn't released until after he'd spent 45 years in prison.

He won't be out after 6. He will serve at least 12 and possibly more. That's what "minimum" means.
Buenchico, does that apply to attempted murder convictions as well?
It applies to all life sentences.

For a murder conviction a life sentence is mandatory.

A conviction for attempted murder can either be dealt with by a fixed-term sentence or, as in the case referred to in this thread, by a discretionary life sentence.
thanks, Buenchico
44 ? how about 144, dam savage should never see the light of day again.
Scary stuff.
I see on the new platforms they are building, there's no access to the tracks. Seems a good idea to me.
can we be less 3T in this:
what the foo does this old fool mean when he wa-was the criminal for 12 y when it is OBVIOUS that he should be hung up by his thumbs and burnt - the fool is the judge by the way

it is not good saying indeterminate sentences are good and work
experience has shown they are not good and dont work

the sentence was on the basis he was sane
but then they said he has to be treated before he begins his sentence ( yeah correct kinda inconsistent ) because he is mad.

the other thing is that one has to monitor them
and not just throw the key away
// 44 ? how about 144, dam savage should never see the light of day again.//
yeah I was thinking of this
and why said Christ not four times 144 etc etc

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More Stupidity From The Judiciary

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