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jesmond | 18:10 Sat 15th Jun 2019 | Law
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I am sure that from april 2019 that an employer had to put the hourly rate and the hours worked on staffs payslip but can anyone tell if if zero hours contracted staff were to also have this on their payslips, tia


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I will have a look thanks
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It looks like example 3 could apply even though it doesnt mention zero hours specifically. Friend suggested acas might help aswell so its another avenue to look into
The legislation was introduced for all workers regardless of their contract, eg fixed hours or zero hours, and it is...

An amendment to the Employment Rights Act 1996 brought before the Parliament on 8th February 2018, the rationale behind this statue was that where an employee’s pay varies by reference to time worked, employers must include the number of hours for which the employee is being paid on his or her itemised pay statement.

The New legislation comes into force from April 2019 and requires all employers to:

Provide payslips to all workers
Show hours on payslips where the pay varies by the amount of time worked
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Well this particular employer is not abiding by the new rules then, they dont put on how many hours worked, the hourly rate of pay, they basically put on the total amount earned, maybe they need a nudge in the right direction

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Payslip Information 2019

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