Can You Report A Crime At Any Police Station Of Your Choice?

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newbie99 | 15:45 Sat 15th Jun 2019 | Law
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A friend has been assaulted and doesn't want to report the crime as she has no confidence in the police of that area.

Based on the victim's experience, numerous crimes has been reported before and the local police never wants to log as a crime. I could understand why the police is doing this, they don't wants to show that the area they are responsible has so many unresolved crimes.

I have asked to report to another police station. Is this ok?


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You can, but the enquiry will be passed to the local station.
Yes . A normal procedure. When I was a PC (acting Station Officer ) at Paddington Green police Station we very often had residents,always black people, from up the road on Harrow Roads patch come in to report various crimes. They didn't wish to report the crime at their own local nick.
We took all details in one of two crime books and simply transferred them up the road to Harrow Road nick by telephone.
As others have already said what ever Police station you report crime at, investigation will be passed to nearest station.
As for reporting crime, just ask for a crime number, then you are sure its been logged.
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Ok thanks for the replies.
I don't think she will be reporting it then.
You could always report it by phoning 101.

Dannky even reporting it via 101, you will still be required to give a statement to a Police officer, they are good in my region and will take statement from you at home.

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Can You Report A Crime At Any Police Station Of Your Choice?

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