Faulty Chimney Flue

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cris r | 19:16 Thu 09th May 2019 | Law
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Hi could anyone advise on a problem my son is having with a builder. A couple of years ago they had major work done on their property including work to the chimney for the log fire. A few months ago they had a small fire in the chimney log story short apparently something was missed out on the top of the flue. Fire brigade and an independent company said it was fitted incorrectly. They also have report saying it is not fit for purpose My daughter in law on advice got in touch with the contractor who first of all said it was his apprentices fault, My daughter in law asked if he could come out and fix this problem asking if his insurance would cover it he said yes. No money was mentioned or quotes given. When he had finished he gave them a bill for the works saying his insurance would not cover it. He has sent several letters to them demanding money they in return don’t think they should pay as the job was not done properly in the first place
Since then my son has replied to his letters all of them threatening legal action. It appears he is down loading template letters from the internet. Practically harassing them. Would you go down the road employing a lawyer. Bit of a predicament for them. Thanks for any reply’s


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Try Citizens Advice first.
Was there anything in writing to say the builder was wrong or that his insurance would cover it?
// Fire brigade and an independent company said it was fitted incorrectly. They also have report saying it is not fit for purpose//

if they can prove all this - I would allow the contractor to sue THEM. see post no 1 - CAB is sensible
I dont think the builders negligence insurance is relevant
This will not be covered by his insurance.
Your son's builder is a ****

The key phrase is "apprentice's fault". An admission of culpability if ever I heard one.

Fire Brigade and Insurance Company? I'd be so ashamed that it came to that. So would any decent tradesman.

Tell your son to hold his water, Cris. If there's any "lawyering-up" to be done, let the builder do it.

He won't of course.
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Thanks for all comments appreciate them

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