Property Deeds After A Death

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knitnat | 20:28 Wed 06th Mar 2019 | Law
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My father has recently passed away. Himself and my mother, who is still alive, jointly owned their property with both names on the deeds. In his will my father has left his half of the property to myself and my sister but my mother is to stay in the property until her death. The solicitor has told us there is no need to take my fathers name off the deeds and put our names on. They can just be left as they are. Is this right? TIA


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yes, deeds are mostly irrelevant these days, the land registry entry is what matters.
to add to TTT's answer, what do you mean by deeds? Do you mean the bits of paper or the information that is held electronically on the Land Registry....also were they joint tenants or tenants in common because it makes a difference.
he is trying to save you money

the title can be brought up to date when you sell

[we sold on my mothers death,1996 and title hadnt been brought up to date since my father bought the house in 1962] - you have gtrained clerks scribble scribble scribble who spend their days doing this
licensed conveyancers

when you finally sell - use one of them

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Property Deeds After A Death

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