Small Claim In The County Court

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hc4361 | 18:12 Mon 11th Feb 2019 | Law
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I am thinking of taking my former energy supplier (Together Energy) to court as they owe me money from my final bill - I switched supplier in October.
Despite many phone calls, emails and letters they still have not produced my final bill so I don't know how much they owe me although I do know that I am in credit.

As well as the money owed I would also claim £100 in compensation plus court costs.

My question is - do I need to specify a total amount of the claim in the court papers? Obviously this would not be possible as Together will not tell me how much they owe me.


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Have you raised your complaint with Ofgem?
Question Author
No, I haven't even thought about that, Sherrardk
hi you need to do that before even thinking of court proceedings to show that you exhausted all avenues open to yourself prior to court.
Question Author
Thanks, both
We’ve used the services of both Ofgem and Oftel, and whilst not speedy, they found on our favour both times and we received compensation both times.

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Small Claim In The County Court

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