Breach Of Non Molestation Order

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Survivor1234 | 22:17 Mon 04th Feb 2019 | Law
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My ex partner was sent to prison for violently assaulting me on 1st August 18, he sent me a letter from prison on 11th August whilst remanded awaiting sentencing at crown court, breaching my non molestation order. It’s finally going to court on 20th February 19.

When he was finally sentenced I had a lifetime restraining order issued by the court.

He was released early and tagged he sent me 45 emails in one day in November 18 and was sentenced for breaching the restraining order in December 18. He got a 12 week prison sentence suspended for 12 months!

I have written a victim impact statement which I was never asked to do for the email breach.

He’s obviously still on license atm.

Will the suspended sentence get activated and what is the likely sentence for sending me this letter from prison whilst on remand ? This letter effected me really badly !!



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He has clearly breached his Licence terms. You need to report all this to your solicitor or the Police URGENTLY . He should be sent straight back to jail. He will NOT be given a second chance. The suspended sentence will be activated !

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Breach Of Non Molestation Order

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