Should My Driver Also Be Penalized?

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chagurlmads | 23:07 Wed 23rd Jan 2019 | Law
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I was in a car accident back in october and I was in the passenger seat, shattered my lower vertebrae. The driver blacked out at the wheel, from inhalants, causing us to crash. When cops searched through our things they found a little bottle of wine in my bag and I was given a citation for an MIP because I'm a minor. It wasn't opened and I wasn't drunk. I found out later after getting out of the hospital the driver didn't receive a ticket of any kind. Should they've gotten a charge also?


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Sound to me that your in the USA, different laws here in the UK.
You are very clearly not in the UK
as a lot of things you mention dont happen here ( citation, MIPs)

The citation and MIP is unrelated to the driver and any charges
AND whether or not you can claim for the smashed vertebra in civil law

where are you parents in all this? they should be suing the ass off the driver for the back injury on your part ( litigants best friend and all that bit)

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Should My Driver Also Be Penalized?

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