Trial Procedure.

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Atheist | 19:26 Mon 07th Jan 2019 | Law
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Does anyone know at what stage a judge is briefed on the prosecution's case prior to a murder trial? Does a Crown Court judge turn up unprepared? Or is (s)he briefed in advance?


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the written statements are known as pleadings
(NOT the accounts of oral testimony whether or not they are pleaded)
and they will have this / these
and they will know the charge - mairder (*)

and their law books-
and in this case the need or not to tell the jury about alternative charges / verdicts ( manslaughter )

they wont know what the prosecution is gonna say until the leader opens his mouth


here the Crown opened - and the defence said - they need the attorney generals permission to do that dont they?
( cross border drugs supply - it has to be a crime in both coutnries)
Judge Niklas Parry said - carry on we will see
and on day five he said - yeah they do
cas dismissed

from the article the wasted costs order Mr Barracliff sought was over a million smackers

so long answer for 'yes and no'
( I dont do law by the way)
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PP I didn't completely understand your reply. Does the judge only find out the prosecution case once he appears in court?
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yes - he turns up 'unprepared'

that is my answer - I am an OAP and not a judge
yes deffo - in R V Molloy above - he didnt know that there was going to be evidence about cross border smuggling

but I dont think he turns up to court and thinks
tum te tum what is on today - tea and sarndwiches on the lawn or that awful form filling the Lord Chancellor wants nowadays

( but you know he knows things like the order in whcih the witnesses are going to be called)
or she :)

//nor she// - so what? she isnt the one indicted. and if she were it wouldnt change the course of the trial

where is NJ ?

luckily for all - as usual - this will not be acted upon....
we think less than 1% threads actually change courses of action
(you know like - 'make a will' and they dont and never would have)
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Thanks everyone. Much appreciated.

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