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Letsgofishing | 17:22 Thu 06th Dec 2018 | Law
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What involvement do they have in a prisioners working out scheme from a cat d prison?


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I don't know but you'd think it wouldn't be much. Working outside the prison is the final stage in a sentence before release. The police would have little interest in such a prisoner.
Sorry, but your question does not make sense to me. The police do not arrange prison out-working programs ,it is done by The Prison Service themselves.
When considering whether a prisoner is suitable for Release on Temporary Licence (ROTL), including when such a licence is to allow a prisoner to work outside a prison, the ROTL Board must follow the following guidelines:

"Enquiries of the police

48. Where the Board comes to a view that the case is a borderline one and would required further information, they should consider approaching the police, but only where the information sought is likely to be held by the police. The police should be approached for FACTUAL information relating to the prisoner’s criminal antecedents (where this is not held by the prison) or criminal intelligence that is directly relevant to the decision being made.

49. It is not the function or responsibility of the police to say whether or not a prisoner should be granted ROTL. They will share relevant available information, but are not in a position to make detailed enquiries on applications. If the police do not provide any comments, this must not be taken as either tacit approval or refusal of any ROTL application.

50 Prison staff must not send questionnaires to the police. Requests to the police for information must indicate a date by which Governors would appreciate a response, giving details of the proposed ROTL (including dates). Form ROTL 2 must be used when making enquiries on a ROTL application. It must be sent at least 4 weeks before it is required. Enquiry forms must be sent to the Force Intelligence Bureau of the police force area in which the prison is situated, except for prisons in the Metropolitan Police Area, when the enquiry must be routed through their Police Liaison Officer"

Full document here:

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