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GlenB | 11:23 Thu 06th Dec 2018 | Law
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My wife and I have recently completed new wills which mirror each other. They were drawn up by our Solicitors but before we signed them I queried one clause which I was dubious about, but was assured it was correct and met our wishes.
On checking the copy wills which we received a week or so later, I still had doubts about that clause and so queried it again with the Solicitors. They are adamant it is correct but I am equally convinced it is not.
I should perhaps add that although the person who drew up the will and with whom we are dealing may well be experienced , as far as I am aware they have no legal qualifications.
Any suggestions as to next course of action would be much appreciated.


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Surely if they work at a solicitors they WILL have legal qualifications (unless they are an office junior or secretary for example)

Can you not give us an rough idea what the clause is?

You could try the Citizens Advice Bureau or maybe go to another solicitor?

Are you a member of Which, they give advice on Wills.

Website here

Also try searching on the internet as there are loads of sites giving advice on Wills.
Surely the Solicitors are breaking the law using a non-qualified person for such activity ?
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Thanks to you both. As far as qualifications are concerned all I can say is that the person concerned is a legal assistant over whom a qualified solicitor has responsibility which I think is quite aboveboard. She herself is not a solicitor or a legal executive.
re CAB, Yes,I had thought about that but from my initial impression it seems I would have been directed to a solicitor. Having already paid one bill for the wills I am somewhat reluctant to pay another just to have them checked!
re Which - No I am not a member.
Thanks again to both of you.
Put your concern in writing to the Head of Private Client Department. Say in detail what your concerns are and why and ask for a full written explanation.

Because will writing is an unregulated activity anyone can do it within a firm - although it will have to be overseen by a qualified fee earner for insurance purposes.
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I have now had a chance to sit poring over the wills for a couple of hours (they weren't long ones!) to get them straight in my mind and I am now happy to say I agree with the Solicitors and freely admit I was wrong in my previous interpretation of them.
Thanks again to you all.
hey come on
give us a clue on what you thought was wrong
and now you think is right .....

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