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kelsolane | 21:20 Wed 22nd Aug 2018 | Law
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Hi I am having problems with my landlord she wants me to move out I have told her I am looking she keeps pestering me ringing me sending me letters etc I am on a rolling lease so far she has stooped me from using the garden and told me that she does not want me to park my van in my space anymore she is driving me crazy is this harassment should I report her thanks for any advice


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If you are on a rolling lease. what is the notice period? Has she given you the required notice?
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I have looked at the end date says n/a and there is no notice period the rent is paid monthly
Initially, have a read of this. It may give you some help and information. There are also people you can approach for help: Local Council, Citizen's Advice Bureau.
try this. if she has fulfiled certian conditions, you are being a nusiance to her by not leaving
er 1) look for another property
2) have a visit down CAB and
3) make sure you know what your rights are

virtually none - if what you have said is correct

a rolled on contract means that you pay from term to term - usually monthly and she can terminate with a s21 - an accelerated possiession order. - she should have served a notice on you

but in the long term - it doesnt really matter
and you should plan for a move

you basically have virtually no rights to stop her possessing
so long as the correct forms are made out, make sure instead your leaving is orderly ....

sorry - Landlord problem - no she is allowed to do this. call it a day.
Strongly suggest you keep things sweet with your Landlord, give her a moving out day in writing and move out. That way you may get a favourable reference when looking for a new home. Stay put, cause a problem and you are highly unlikely to get alternative accommodation.

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Landlord Problem

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