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Philta | 20:01 Thu 12th Jul 2018 | Law
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So someone that is on bail in uk can not be charged for breaking bail conditions abroad. I would think if they are not allowed contact with any children under 16 unless supervised in UK there could be a threat abroad as well especially when alcohol is present. Two incidents have happened in UK which is why on bail when on holiday and alcohol present


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If they are on bail they need permission to leave the UK. Did they get that permission?
What is the charge that they are bailed for? This looks like a serious case involving child abuse. I think the bail conditions would mention travel outside the UK & probably specify that permission to travel is needed. That would not be given for travel to a place where there was a chance of a lot of unsupervised contact with children.
Eddie, there are three very similar threads on this. There may be more information on the others.
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Charged with assault and neglect of child. Apparently ok to go on holiday I can not believe it.
Presumably there are bail conditions protecting the alleged victim.

The starting point for the Bail Act is that, pre-conviction, everybody is entitled to bail unless the court has substantial fears that the defendant will either:

1. Abscond (i.e. not turn up next time).
2. Interfere withe the course of justice (in particular try to influence witnesses).
3. Commit further offences.

If the court has none of these concerns then unconditional bail must be granted. If they have concerns (which must be supported by evidence and not merely a "hunch") then they can impose conditions, but only to address the concerns. They cannot, for example, impose a curfew on a shoplifter if the fear is that of committing more thefts from shops because confining a person to his home at night will not stop him shoplifting by day.

Unless you know what concern the court had when imposing its conditional bail it is hard to comment. If bail conditions were granted to protect the alleged victim then the defendant going abroad is not going to jeopardise the safety of the victim.
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The bail conditions were to protect victim and any children under 16.
You mean the "alleged" victim (unless this is post-conviction) :-)

What were the conditions, exactly?
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Accused was caught abusing shouting and throwing glass at her 8 year old and 4 year old. Social took kids to hospital for the night. Their father was notified the next morning and now has kids living with him in emergency housing
Thanks, but what were the Bail conditions (which is what you wanted to know about)? Did the court have fears that the accused might attack other children apart from her own?

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Bail C Conditions

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