What Is An Ethical Lettings Agency?

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sallyann16 | 17:47 Thu 12th Jul 2018 | Law
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I own the flat my husband and I live in, and the owner of the flat above me has rented his out for the past ten years or so.
His new tenants moved in recently and are proving to be very noisy and causing a leak through my ceiling already. I rang the lettings agent used for this and they told me that they gave the letting to an Ethical Lettings agency.
I rang this agency but they were very unforthcoming and guarded and I felt fobbed off by them.
The original agent told me she knows nothing about such ethical lettings agency except they're to "do with Human Rights".
Does anyone know any more about this type of agency?


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While there might be lots of organisations involved in 'ethical lettings' (where the definition of such a letting might tend to vary from one organisation to another), there's only one company actually called 'The Ethical Lettings Agency'. It's based in Redcar and is a Community Interest Company, which is recognised by the Government as a special type of company, set up to benefit the community rather than shareholders:
Whoever the owner rented through, he/she (the owner) is the landlord and the person to whom complaints should be addressed.
You might think that an ethical letting agency would would put the welfare of neighbours first when giving a tenancy.
Here, it seems they've adopted the 'everybody has a right to a home' attitude and rented to people who are going to make problems for their neighbours.

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What Is An Ethical Lettings Agency?

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