Ending A Tenancy

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chokkie | 13:30 Mon 18th Jun 2018 | Law
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Hi AB legal eagles out there ... wonder if someone can help, please.

We have a little flat in the SE of the country which we are currently renting out to someone. When this person took out the tenancy, a couple of years ago, we completed and signed one of those Tenancy Agreements. Our tenant now wishes to quit, as they are going to live in a warden-controlled flat. The tenant has sent us a written "notice to quit" letter, with a month's notice, which is fine with us. Do we need to get an official form for the tenant to complete and sign, or will their notice to quit letter suffice? I thought that you only have to do the official End of Tenancy form if we, as landlords, were to end the tenancy for them? Would be grateful for a bit of clarification please. Many thanks, cheers Chox.


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basically wait for them to go
I would be there, unless you have an agent
as you need agreed stuff like
arrears of council tax, last elec and gas bill and utlities which they are responsible for until the day before they leave and you are responsible for from the day they leave.

the problem-ish is if they decide not to leave on the day.
There is no lgal mechanism to get an eviction-order-just-in-case

on the day they leave
get them to sign a surrender of lease letter
and sidn for handing over the keys ( you clearly sign that bit)

it is not their going which is the potential prob
iut is if they DONT go ....

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Thanks, so much, very interesting and extremely helpful.

Cheers Chox.
Written from the tenant's point of view (but still explaining everything clearly):
Their letter of notice to quit should be sufficient. You should be there on the day. Also check for any damage to the property.

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Ending A Tenancy

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