Amazon Have Lost My Refund.

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Lisajd3 | 03:11 Thu 14th Jun 2018 | Law
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After I tried to purchase a Sony PlayStation pro and the first one was stolen amazon suggested that I purchase from their third party sellers as they had none in stock. I was not keen but the rep reassured me their A to Z guarantee would cover me. I then got an email from them stating no dispatch date had been sent and they could not contact the company. The suggested I try. I also looked at the reviews and discovered that in the last month not one person received their order and this company was no longer trading. I called and the lady told me she was filing the A to Z claim. That day it was agreed and settled. The payment was processed. That was 31st May. I still do not age my refund as amazon have lost it!! The keep saying it’s stuck and only billing can help. The also say it’s all fine and going through, I’ll get it back that day, that it’s stuck again, that they have no idea, one lied and said my bank refused to take the money! It’s on an amazon gift card so no bank involved! I can’t get them to help me. They ignore me and put the phone down and say I need to be patient. No one can tell me what the problem is or where my money is let alone when I’m getting it back. Just to clarify they never paid the trader because he did not dispatch the item. What do I do? I’m a disabled mum I can’t afford this.


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With most customer service problems the best advice is to forget emails and pick up the phone. However with Amazon the opposite appears to be true. i.e. you're more likely to make progress with an email.

If you're in the UK the address to use is . Make sure that you explain your complaint in full, providing as much information as you can (such as the order number) and stressing that you used a gift card to make the payment.
Long shot but are there media folk from newspapers or radio that takes up cases to fill their column/show ?
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Amazon Have Lost My Refund.

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