Do We Have The Right To Access Our Payroll Information From A Previous Employer?

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Backdrifter | 12:26 Tue 13th Mar 2018 | Law
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Depending of course on what retention schedule they follow, or what statutory responsibility they may have. The issue in question is checking the frequency of pension contributions made through the payroll system. Thanks.


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often it is a pension fund that is paying out not your employer..any enquiries regarding payments should be made to them
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Thanks; I'm thinking of deductions made at source, through the employer's payroll, that should go into a pension fund. It's my partner asking, and I suppose the upshot is, she needs to see payslips (which she no longer has) to check what deductions are made, and when.
With only very limited exceptions (such as information held by the police or security services) if anyone holds any information about you, you have the right to see it. However the organisation holding such data has the right to charge a fee for providing it (up to a maximum of £10 in most cases).

So try an informal (i.e. free) enquiry first. If that fails, make a formal 'subject access request' and find out if a fee is payable.
under the data protection act

I have checked my pre retirement P60s - they have pension conts on them
You know the P60 that has 'do not destroy, you cannot get a replacement'
also - your last monthly pay slip ( Mar ) will have that information

is this a 'did she have a pension scheme' question
or is it really that the quantities contributed dont tally ?
If you don't have the P60 you could just try asking them. Have you asked and they have refused? Do you suspect that some money ahs gone missing?

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Do We Have The Right To Access Our Payroll Information From A Previous Employer?

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