Call-Out Fees - Are There Limits?

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carolminniemouse | 15:40 Mon 26th Feb 2018 | Law
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I was contacted late last year by a company over 200 miles away and told I was eligible for a 'free' boiler. After checking things out they came and did the installation - long story short - they had to come again and dismount it and mount it on the wall again. Since then there has been a smell of oil in the room it's located. At first I thought this would disappear but it hasn't. They are now quoting over £400 call-out fee to come and look at it advising I would not be due a refund of fee if no installation fault can be found. Is there a 'cap' on call out fees or can a company just charge what they feel like? I would be so grateful for any advice, I'm a widow on a pension on my own and feel a little vulverable.


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Isn't it under a 12 month guarantee?
Question Author
It is under warranty but i have to pay the call out fee and it is only refundable if they find an "installation" fault.
cant you get a local person to check it out first?
i also meant to say, oil boilers are notoriously smelly, ours certainly was. Does it work? do you have a carbon monoxide monitor?
DON'T deal with people / companies who just cold call you.

If ANYONE phones me up who I have NOT asked to phone me up I hang up on them.

Too many scammers around nowadays.

This is a VERY important point. I am amazed at the number of people who say they got phoned up by a person offering to invest their money in Gold, or Wine, or certain Shares or whatever.

Of course they invest the money and never hear from the person or company again.



If you just hang up up them you are less likely to get scammed.
what an utterly useless response.
Question Author
Bednobs - thank you for taking the time to respond. I have not contacted local plumber who is now "on the case". Thanks again/

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Call-Out Fees - Are There Limits?

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