Purchased House Leaking Carbon Monoxide?

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LittleSquidge | 19:13 Fri 12th Jan 2018 | Law
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We’ve just purchased a little cottage (January 2018) knowing it needed love, and thankfully we still adore it.

We put money aside expecting to rewire it. However, once the water was turned on we realised we had a leak and the boiler looked broken.

An emergency plumber fixed the fountain coming from upstairs, and checked the boiler.

At this point he realised it was leaking carbon monoxide and he had to cut the plug there and then.

We are now having a new boiler fitted and the plumber is great. After fixing the bathroom leaks and fitting the boiler, we expect to pay just under £3,000.

The boiler advised that we shouldn’t be paying the repairs, as selling a house leaking CM is very, very wrong, and proved no safety checks had been completed by anyone before we moved in. In addition, I’m heavily pregnant.

The buying process began around November 2016 when I was 5/6 months pregnant and completed within a month of my due date.

I still love the cottage and we knew we were going to have to spend some, as the price we paid for a property in Oxford was very cheap. So I felt like we should have expected this and we bought sold as seen?

However, as time is going on I feel a bit scared that we could have had a newborn in there with something as scary as CM. I feel the plumber may be right, but I have no idea who to approach and how!

Is it our mortgage provider? The seller? Our lawyer? The estate agent?

How should I complain?

Any help would be fabulous!


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This is one of the drawbacks to buying where the services are not up and running to test them.

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Purchased House Leaking Carbon Monoxide?

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