Shared Drain - Shared Cost?

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buffymad | 10:44 Sun 19th Nov 2017 | Law
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I have a shared back yard with the people living in the flat below. I bought my place but they rent theirs from a private landlord. Manhole is thoroughly blocked and all home attempts to sort it have failed! Time to get someone out. My question is should the cost be split between us both? Bit worried about paying it myself then trying to claim back from the landlord as even though they reported their overflowing drain to him 4 weeks ago, he’s not even been round to have a look ... doesn’t bode well methinks!

Can anyone help please?


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I have just been in this circ and in my case it depended where the blockage was as there is a point before my drains become shared....blockage before this point, my responsibility, blockage after this, joint responsibility.
First you need to fin out where the blockage is.If your drainage pipe is clear then you are not responsible for any charges.
contact him and get him to agree to split the charge
and then get it done yourself

well and truly bloocked means taht you cant flush your bog without backing up OR sewage in the back yard and you should stress the public health aspect of it - like it makes the propertieS unfit for habitiation

Similar circs - it was obvious my bieghbour's tenant had blocked the drain wiv tampons and I acknowledged the need for bogs to flush and went halves ( no - no arguments over the tampons must be hers and not mine - look at them and anyway I'm a man )
Parents had the similar situation with a shared drain. Their sewer pipe was blocked beyond where it was joined with their neighbour. In their case it was the responsibility of United Utilities even though it was in their back garden so there was no charge. If it had been before the drains were shared it would have been their responsibility and at their cost.
Just a thought. If you need to pay could whoever does the job split the cost and send two separate bills so you don't have to fight to get the money back.
i have been subjected to taht once as victim Kiddy
say both pay £25 - so it is £50
endless phone calls from other - saying he will only pay 12.50

also the tradesmen - aaartisan ! has to be pretty gormless [you sort of AB levels - yeah that gormless] to obey A;s request to send half the bill to B
so who does he go after if B defaults ?
hmm a/c to kitty
I paid a bill ( well half that is!)
I neednt
well anyway the bogs flush OK now
dja wanna come to my house and try ?

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Shared Drain - Shared Cost?

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