Do I Need A New Will?

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foxyferret | 14:41 Thu 19th Oct 2017 | Law
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When my father died in 2014, he left his half share of the house to me and my two sisters. He was tenants in common with my mother who is still alive and living in the property. I already have a Will stating what should be done with my share of the house I live in with my partner. We are also tenants in common. Do I need to add a codicil or make a new will to reflect my interest in my mother’s property? Thanks.


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if you have got something to leave that isn't mentioned in your will and the will doesn't have a residue clause (after specific legacies, a bit that says where all the rest goes) then yes it would be sensible to add it to your will. I believe it can be done by codicil if you don't want an entire new will.
top marks for reviewing your will !

our fairy barrister - Marmaid says she does it once a year ( I average about once every ten)

well it depends on the terms - of course
so if you are gonna change anything
yes go and see a lawyer

they dont cost that much
not as much as applying to a court after death to get it right.....

I mean - mine is - my whole estate to my niece - including all soft toys, pictures, small flffu animals, jig saw puzzles ....

so adding a house or two doesnt make much difference ....
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Thanks to you both, I think it best to pop to a solicitor, better get it right now rather than leave a mess for later.
yeah good I agree with you
read somewhere that if you add a house
you should update your will

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Do I Need A New Will?

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