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hdfdd | 11:55 Sun 15th Oct 2017 | Law
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Due to the proliferation of fake news, the government of STATE A decided to pass into law the prohibition of use of Facebook and other social media platforms. It is further stated and rationalized that law has been crafted to the wisdom that the people are starting to build organizations to “ topple the legitimate” government due to misinformation.

1.Is the law Constitutional?
2.Which right is being violated?
Refer to the Philippine Article 3 Section 6 as a reference


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A few thoughts:

1. We're not here to do your homework.

2. It's a pathetically worded pair of questions because Q2 couldn't exist if the answer to Q1 was 'Yes'. (So it's clearly 'No').

3. Section 6 of Article 3 has absolutely nothing to do with the question anyway, since it refers to the right of abode, which isn't referred to in the question.

4. It's actually Section 4 of Article 3 which is transgressed by the proposed legislation:

Now you're on your own!
I cant work out whether you are at school or law school.
The idea of this question is not to get the answer "Ha! x = 5"
but to practise the law bit of reading facts and the law and discussing the two

so it is the abrogation of free speech
and you have to answer / discuss whether free speech IS being controlled
then what the circumstances are when it can ( public safety requires it )
and whether these affect public safety

so yeah it is straightforward
but this is a skill you need to develop and not us

[ it is a bit like a father being asked 'daddy what is 2 + 3' and after about twenty of them Daddy realises that he can add but his daughter needs to learn. some never learn of course)

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