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cassa333 | 18:43 Sat 12th Aug 2017 | Law
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My tenants have finally left. Yayayaya.

I now have to clean up and repair a couple of things and intend to claim against the damage bond held by the LA.

Can I claim from the the cost of replacing items they have taken with them such as shelves and curtain poles that were in the property when they first came?



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Did you have an itinery Cassa?
Question Author
Not really. All that was in the property were the usual fixtures and fitting such as carpets, curtain poles, light bulbs and those round paper shades on them and the cooker. The bedrooms had shelves fixed to the walls.

Otherwise it was unfurnished.

I like the idea of an itinerary of the house

we dont have rental damage bonz up t' north
is this like the deposit ?

oh and you know where the live so on the day of the possession send in the bailiffs to their new address for the money
( you did get a money order ?)
then pay £75 and convert to a fi.fa - yes it really is called that - and send in the sheriffs

Question Author
The damage bond is just a guarantee from the local council housing options department to cover damage up to the value of one months rent if the tenant doesn't have money to pay a regular deposit.

I did get a money order. Although stupidly I was nervous and when the judge asked if the amount I had stated in the particulars was all that was owed I said yes but simply forgot to add the last months rent on .... my own fault for not being on the ball.

They have 14 days to pay it. Of course they won't so I will be as quick as I can getting it to the next stage.

The redertermination for the first CCJ I have against them is due to go before the judge on 11th Sept. Do they, or the court, have to send me the information they will be relying on for that or do I just turn up blind?
Question Author
She gave me written possession this morning so that isn't a problem now.

The damage is covered by the council bond and I have a CCJ for one lot of money and a money order for the second.

This will make you laugh.

I have been asking her for the return of property and for her to collect her possessions and about the money etc and had said I will return her stuff or post etc to her new address. Rather than worry about any of that she wanted to know how I found out about her new address and if data protection had been breached she would fully investigate and take action... I haven't told her but her neighbour told me lol
ignore the data beach
dont even go there
and send in the bailiffs
and tell them where she is living

Question Author
She will ask for a redeterminatio lol

However I think it more likely that they will make themselves bankrupt. They have threatened it several times and with two CCJs for over £7k (even with my forgotten month) they have nothing to lose.

I have been reading a bit and it seems that judges err on the side of debtors and let the. Get away with paying next to nothing for donkeys years based on finances I frankly don't believe.
// She will ask for a redeterminatio lol //

no you did not get summary judgement
but the judge heard the case which is why you had to prove your side without the other side being present
and you should have heard the magic words

"I will hear this case and the only appeal allowed is on a mistake of law ...." - so effectively it is not appealable as to identify an error - they would have to have been there

Question Author
Yes but when they don't pay I will go back to court for a further judgment and they will then either go bankrupt or ask to pay something like 50p a month for the next 50 years.

They have already asked for a redetermination on the first CCJ.
Question Author
Can I charge storage of their property that they are not collecting to the bond?

They probably don't want it as it is mostly tat or broken electrical but I think he might miss his football jacket.

Question Author
Oh and I had a very interesting conversation with EDF today.

After finding an EDF bill in my name for cnsumprion 2 June to 31st August I changed it back to them.

Now that I have possession I called EDF and got it changed over properly and asked how it had been changed to my name in the first place.

Apparently 'I' phoned them up towards the end of June and said I was the new tenant.

I have requested a SAW report form so that they will send me the notes taken at the time and for the voice recording. A little trip to the police to report her for fraud could be on the cards.

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Rental Damage Bond

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