Notice Given On A Rental Property But We Have Decided We Want To Remain In The Property..

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Lisa_Louise | 14:57 Wed 28th Jun 2017 | Law
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We gave notice about 2 weeks ago to leave this property. The reason being is we were duped on the boiler here. We were told it was a combi boiler but in fact it is a cylinder with a tank, all manual, not even a timer for the hot water! We battled this for a while and tried to get the owner to put a combi boiler in but it got too stressful for us and we decided to leave. Since giving notice we have changed our minds and have got used to the way the house works and are feeling quite settled. Plus we can't find a suitable property.

We gave 2 months notice and we are about 2 weeks in. We would like to stay here now but I can't find in the contract about cancelling the notice.
Are we legally entitled to stay here as we are the current tenants? We are good tenants and always pay the rent on time, every month. There is nothing bad they can say about us to stop us from just carrying on.

Thank you


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altho my own view is that if it has not been accepted by L then you can revoke it

this says different

if someone did this to me ..... I would either say yes
or hand them a s21 notice depending on who they were.

London - they make you pay the whole leases term if you want to leave early - yikes !

and this says the same
Why not just ask the landlord or agent? They might be quite pleased.
because the question is - "are we legally entitled ..... ?"
and not " do you think we should write to the landlord?"

they also cant get you out w/o a court order
but I dont think you are going down the road of being as bliddy-minded as poss - are you ?
Question Author
Ok, my husband has asked the agent and he says he had a tenant lined up, but he also needs to speak with the landlord first as well... Geeee :/

Tomorrow morning we should get our reply.... I feel so sick with worry. Can't eat and can't sleep..
Question Author
Peter, we aren't bad tenants at all, all of our previous landlords have praised us in fact! So we wouldn't cause a problem at the end should the landlord decide against us staying for whatever reason they had. But we would really prefer to stay. I think the landlord would probably say yes, but it's going through the agent who can be a bit difficult to deal with. I can easily get hold of the landlord though so I'm wondering whether to try and get my case across instead of relying on the difficult agent?!
no of course. . . (you're not bad tenants)

wait and see what the L says- and yes if s/o is paying rent you keep them in rather than boot them out and take in an unknown ....
What's the betting you get an answer saying you can stay but the rent's going up by £x p mth because they could get that from the tenant they had lined up? (Which may or may not be a fictitious new tenant, of course.)
They may decide not to let you stay based on the fact that you have been vocal during you stay so far!
Question Author
Yup! Just as we thought, they want us to vacate!
Luckily (hopefully) we have found a place, viewing it tomorrow!

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Notice Given On A Rental Property But We Have Decided We Want To Remain In The Property..

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