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langara | 08:27 Wed 12th Apr 2017 | Law
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My husband and I have made a joint will, but get a phone call from our will maker once a year telling us about probate, which I am afraid we don't understand. Do we need probate, and what is it?


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assessment of estate for tax purposes

and to allow you legal right to deal with estate
Probate is the process which you go through after a death. Do not worry about it whilst you are alive.

It may be that probate will be needed but that will depend on the value of your estate. A Grant of Probate (aka a Grant of Representation) is where the original Will and financial details of the estate are sent to the Probate Registry and they confirm the appointment of the executors in a Grant. It is this document which will allow you to adminster the estate.
Its a very expensive option having a professional person undertake to administer your estate when you die. Is there no relative who could be named....also not sure what you mean by a joint will. Surely a will can only cover one person?
You are right Woofgang. You CAN make a joint Will but this is extremely rare. I rather suspect that langara and her hubby have made a Will each in mirror image terms.
That’s what DH and I did. All to the survivor for the two of us, plus a back up beneficiary who was also the back up executor should we both die together.

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