Consumer Law With Fairly Newish Computer.

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Postdog | 17:36 Wed 10th Aug 2016 | Law
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Just wondering how I stand. In October, I bought a new PC from Amazon. It was a Lenovo touch screen desktop, installed with Windows 8, but immediately upgradeable to 10, so I did.

Worked fine up until May, but following an software update, it shut down and wouldn't re boot. I kept getting an error message. Contacted the Lenovo helpline who suggested a fix if I got into BIOS, but actually indicated it might be something more serious and would need sending off for America!

The BIOS fix didn't work, so I left it for a bit. I didn't have a choice really because of other things going on. ANYWAY, finally got a technician round to look at it, and it turns out it is a hardware fault. Something in the update killed the hard drive and it will not be any good until fixed.

What I want to know is who is responsible, Lenovo or Amazon? It's a bit rich that Lenovo would require me to ship it to the States.

Would I be within my rights to ask Amazon to replace or refund?

The guy who attempted to fix it said that one drive in thousands can be like mine, and I have to admit given the reaction by Lenovo, I get the impression it happens a lot with them.



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Since you bought it after 1st October, then take a look here and see if/how you are covered.
19:03 Wed 10th Aug 2016
strictly speaking, I think you're covered for six months by law (others may be able to answer that in more detail); but yes, take it up with the retailer, you don't have to deal with the manufacturer.
your first stop should be the retailer

and surprisingly enough - yeah really - I have a lenovo
and in a mad fit - you know post dog you comment on them enough -
I loaded on windows 10

and funnily enough - the damned thing did work and then wouldnt work - oo er ! the isolated one I dont connect to the internet ( but did for windows 10 ) the one where I keep my accounts, fambly wills etc etc

and after alot of fol-de-rol ( made worse as I am insane ) the windows team took over internally from America to Slumsville over the internet and reloaded and rejigged everything. took about 6 hrs
and it worked !

and yeah I got the impression that this was certainly not the first time Bill Gates slaves had seen this
and he cheered me up with: it might happen again in four weeks
it didnt

I would still start with the retailer
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I will. Ironically I also had an older computer that had upgraded to 10 go wrong, which he looked at too. I ended up reverting back to 7.
Since you bought it after 1st October, then take a look here and see if/how you are covered.
Question Author
Thank you Tuvok

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Consumer Law With Fairly Newish Computer.

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