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lilypoppyfre | 16:15 Sat 06th Aug 2016 | Law
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my husband has dementia and made his will a few years ago. one of the executors he chose has died.HE was a partner in an accountancy firm my husband used to deal with and was retired when he died.Could the accountancy firm nominate some one else or do the remaining executors deal with the will ??


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the testator has to

BC I daresay will be on in a mo and tell you how to do ( er tell him how to do it) quig and cheap. So long as there is one executor - you are OK ( some things require two - transfer of land I think )

When I applied for probate for my dad earlier this year, his executors were myself and my daughter. On the probate form it asks which executors are named on the will and if they are not all applying for probate what are their reasons and there are three choices a) deceased b) doesn't want to be an executor at the moment but reserves the right to change their mind and c) gives up the right to be an executor. It wasn't convenient or necessary for my daughter to be involved so we put that she didn't want to but reserved the right to change her mind just in case anything happened to me before everything was sorted. So your husband's remaining executor(s) can carry on without the deceased chap.
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thank you Peter.....since the other executors are my son and daughter, I anticipate a smooth passage......
trying times Lil

I am trying hard not to vary my will on the grounds everyone agrees I was OK in 2012 but have managed to fit in two episodes of cancer since then and now...( and if I change it the first thing the disinherited will allege is that I was induced to change it )
It depends on how the Will is worded. Sometimes they specify that another member of the firm cab act. In other words, it is effectively the firm which is the executor, not the named person.

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