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starone | 18:20 Mon 04th Jul 2016 | Law
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This is a rather delicate question so before asking it, I do not intend to cause offence to anyone (I love you all). Is it correct to call someone with a dark coloured skin black or is it better to say coloured. This will settle an argument please.


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Funnily enough, 'coloured' was the PC term years ago but is now regarded as offensive. Black, provided they are black, or some other term denoting their country of origin.
I personally wouldn't say 'Coloured' and would only say 'Black' if it were essential to describe who I was talking about.
If African or Afro-Caribbean I go for black.

When Asian I go for their country of origin if I can identify it or a general term of NSWE Asian.

So I'm a bit random I suppose, no idea if I'm politically correct/incorrect. But heh, PC changes every week!
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Thanks very much Jackdaw and Mamy, you have said what I thought was right. I knew somehow that coloured was not right although I shall not use the word black either. It was only I needed to know when talking to other people (and to answer a small argument).
It depends on which group is moaning the loudest this season.
Probably best to go with 'mid oak' until the fashion changes.
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And hc and Eccles cake (yummy) all that you have said sounds like common sense but I needed to be sure.
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tee-hee to Old Geezer!
You could try 'non-Caucasian' i suppose.
coloured was 'good' and is now 'bad'

I asked one of my relations and she said - british afro caribbean ....
I describe myself as pink anglo
"crusader" is coming it a bit
Is '***' no longer PC?
Clearly not, Eddie!
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That is good Peter I shall have to memorise it. I don't think anyone could take offence at that. Thank you very much everyone. You are very helpful.
Well the swear censor certainly got me there!
The first word described a tropical habitat with a lot of trees starting with J the second was an abbreviated term for 'rabbits' starting with B
And you thought it so good you had to spell it out.

I get your point, Eddie. I bet you can't say 'darkie' either.
Oops, yes you can!
British Afro-Caribbean is fine if that is who you are, but isn't a generic descriptor of a black person.

In the UK the following descriptors are used by the police:

White - North European
Mediterranean - South European
Asian (specifically from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal and other Indian sub contintent countries)
Chinese, Japanese and other South East Asian
Arabic of North African

Apparently the whole world fits in to these categories.
Australian doesn't.

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