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Avril04 | 20:05 Wed 22nd Jun 2016 | Law
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I have, on very few occasions have cause to use the Dartford river crossing. The first couple of times I did this, I received a letter through the post telling me that I had incurred a charge of £5 for a return journey across the river which I was happy to pay. A few months ago I used the crossing again and expected to get a payment letter again, I did not. I received a penalty charge for the cost of £75 for non payment of the toll. I filled out an appeal letter explaining that I had not been given a chance to pay the usual amount, and waited, and waited. In the mean time I used the crossing again, only to be sent another penalty charge. I received in the post today a letter telling me I had no grounds for appeal as the £5 charge letter is only sent out in the first instance of using the crossing and that I now owe £220. Nowhere is it made clear that the initial letter is only sent out once. Does anyone have any suggestions?


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Why not do it upfront - its only £5 a round trip and a lot less fuss than fines.
I believe the first letter contained this sentence.

"We want to give all drivers the opportunity to pay and comply with the scheme which is why the first penalty charge notice issued for any vehicle for non-payment of the charge will offer the driver an extra 14 days to pay - and pay for any crossings they have made since"

Which means you were only getting one warning letter. Subsequent unpaid journeys and you get a penalty charge. There is adequate signage on the carriageway which reminds you to pay before midnight the following day.

I use the crossing quite a bit and therefore have a Dartcharge A/C but as CrapAtCryptics states why not pay upfront.
As SlackAlice says, it's always been made clear that you have to pay at a PayZone facility (e.g. in many supermarkets or convenience stores), online or via an account. The crossing is used by around 130,000 vehicles per day; they're not going to write to every driver for payment!

Even if you only use the Dartford Crossing once or twice per year (or just think that you might do), it's easiest to set up an account, so that the charge is automatically paid from your bank account:

All you can do now is to join the millions of others who've had to pay up:
It's a long shot but if all else fails you could try voting in an SNP government, they abolished all tolls up here years ago.
Ah yes but that's because they can afford to courtesy of the additional funding per head the Scots get from the UK coffers. However, we digress :-)

I regret you are going to have to pay the increased penalty charge, Avril. I don't know what made you think you would get a personal invoice every time you used the crossing. As has been pointed out, there is adequate signage at the crossing explaining the arrangements to be followed and plenty of ways you can make payment. Failure to pay the penalty will almost certainly see the matter handed to bailiffs.
Sign up to get a Dart Charge account - it would save you a lot of aggravation - and money!
If you're an infrequent user just pay it online at the end of your journey or by midnight the following day - simple website, takes 2 minutes.

As you stand at the moment - just pay up.

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Dartford Crossing Fine

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