Mis-Sold Insurance Product - Liquidated Seller

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Iggle Piggle | 15:57 Sat 06th Feb 2016 | Law
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Hi legal types, I was wondering if I can claim against the Director of an insurance broker for a mis-sold insurance policy? The company itself is in liquidation.
OR is it worth taking my claim straight to the Financial Services Compensation Scheme?
What do you guys/gals think?


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No expert but I would doubt it. The company was probably limited so nothing to refund you from. But do check.
hi ubasses
nice to see you posting and helping
Question Author
Thanks Ubasses, it looks like as the company itself was authorised by the FCA when it was active, there is a claim through the FSCS. The director is still solvent and has active businesses so I will pursue him personally first, then approach the FSCS.
Thanks for your help.
well you are free to do what you want
if the company was limited
everyone kno that a director is not personally liable ...
good luck anyway

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Mis-Sold Insurance Product - Liquidated Seller

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