Boundary Dispute & Section 4 Public Offence

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Beetlejuice10 | 15:55 Sat 06th Feb 2016 | Law
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Hello. Apologies, this is long! I have an ongoing dispute with neighbour regarding boundary encroachment (yet to be proven) we had a non prejudice meeting setup this morning with a roofer to discuss solutions, however, said roofer got called to an emergency so couldn't make it. We made neighbour aware in first instance roofer was going to be late and he was ok to start with. When roofer still unable to attend, my husband went to neighbours to apologise and offer to talk through solution he'd gone over already with roofer.
Neighbour had a third party there- this was not mentioned in their solicitor lettter.
When my husband tried to explain to neighbour he dismissed him agressively. My husband did swear at this point in frustration, however, the neighbour proceeded to "square up" to him in street and call him names (won't repeat here!) and goad him by shouting (still in his face) "go on hit me".
We called 101 and spoke to police who said it's a section4, & go to station to give statement.
I just want to get an idea if the fact the roofer couldn't attend (totally out of our hands) will go against us or the section 4 will aggravate things further or simply 'go against' the neighbour? (it's not the first time neighbour has been aggressive snd threatening)
We are extremely non-confrontational people and want to sort this as quickly as possible but the volatile nature of who we're dealing with and the blockers they constantly put up are an absolute worry.
Thank you


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I don’t see why any of it should “go against” you regarding where the boundary should be.... its a separate issue.
IMO (non-legal) opinion, it was extremely foolish of your husband to go round, especially as the meeting hd been set up with a 3rd party via a solicitor. WHat possessed him to try to start talking thru solutions?
sorry - long post
what was the question ?

I would put your phone on record when you speak to them
you dont have to tell them
and is quite lawful

oh and you should sit down with the fella and a cup of tea and draw up notes of what happened. memories fade

he shouldnt speak to your neighbours again - if he was driven to swear - I mean really you are both over 21 arent you ?

dont get the police involved - it will just mean more money

and yes woofie is correct
the s4 or whatever has nothing to do with the boundary dispute xc to show it has got out of hand

These can cost lots of money and the lawyers rub their hands with glee

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Boundary Dispute & Section 4 Public Offence

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