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Pamphelia | 15:59 Wed 06th Jan 2016 | Law
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How do I find out the sentence handed down to a defendant sentenced at Winchester Crown Court in November 2015


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local newspapers. Public library usually keeps them - on paper or electronically
Unless you had actually been sitting in the court public gallery you will have to hope the local paper reported it.
Sentences information is not available to the public. The court will not tell you unless you are directly concerned ( the victim , witness or a close relative of the accused for example)
You can on sites like thelawpages, Eddie, see example screen shot:-

^ I know lawyers can get the information, but it it available to the general public? I thought 'The Law Pages' are only available by subscription and you need to be a lawyer or someone like the CAB to get them.
I was going to suggest that the questioner gets a lawyer to find the information,but I am sure they would charge for it. If it was in the local paper they could find out free.
Eddie, anyone can register for free to view the criminal court records.
Yes, I have just looked at 'The Law Pages' web site. Lot of hassle just for one bit of information though . Come to think of it I seem to remember that public libraries are subscribed to it so you could use your local library to help.
Why shouldn't sentencing information be available to the public? A sentence is handed down in open court. I anyone was there they'd know. If it was reported in the press the world might know.
The local Winchester Wimp hacks will have a permanent hack on duty at the local courts and there may be a report in the local paper within a day or two

when I was convicted of drink driving no less than FIVE concerned citizens placed cuttings of my hearing and sentence on the MD's desk .....
^^^ if anyone was there.
Eddie, it's not a hassle.
Pamphelia, have you tried putting in your search engine box:

"Joe Bloggs" "Winchester Crown Court"
whereas when I was supporting a co-worker in his case of indecent assault - one of the historical what-is-this-crap case - and was acquitted in eight minutes

yes hardly enough time to troop into the jury room have a vote and troop out again

the three hacks present filed reports [after all it was a sex case involving two MEN ]and none was printed....
Sandy, we have just concluded that sentence information is available to the public but you have to take out a free subscription to 'The Law Pages'
There are no sentencing results whatsoever listed on the site for Winc CC during Nov 2015, but probally just me. As suggested above, you could try inputting the defendants name or a try general search on line maybe.

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Winchester Crown Court

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