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stocktonlad | 09:17 Thu 26th Nov 2015 | Law
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What do the police need to obtain a persons address from their IP addresss.


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reason to believe a crime has been committed ? warrant ? there is no hiding place if the long arm of the law is looking for you these days....
very little I would have thought

I am not sure IP addresses are protected ( you know like your own postal address ) or that an IP address is private information

Different position if you have a contract and there is a condition of confidentiality

If you have been ascribed to an IP address and it isnt you
you arent obliged to show it isnt you ( but it may be in your interests )
o god it goes arn and arn
but you may well find the answer you seek there

ICO publications carry the force of God
and are very clear
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Thanks for the comments. What I mean is isps will keep a record of what ip addresses have been assigned to a home users broadband router. Can the police call an isp, give them an ip address, and get the home address details of the user. I understand that ip address data isnt protected under the dpa unless its linked to "personal data" which names and addresses are.
"Can the police call an isp, give them an ip address, and get the home address details of the user."

Not without a court order.
ISPs are PERMITTED to disclose personal details, linked to an IP address, to the police for 'the prevention or detection of crime' or 'the apprehension or prosecution of offenders' WITHOUT a court order. [Section 29(3) of the Data Protection Act 1988 provides an exemption from the normal 'non-disclosure' provisions of that Act].

However many (possibly most) ISP would choose not to do so unless a court order, forcing them to make the disclosure, had first been obtained.

Anyone worried about their online activities being traced back to them via their IP address simply has to hide that address by:
(a) configuring their browser to route their internet traffic through an anonymous proxy ( ) ; or
(b) using a VPN that keeps no log files ( ) ; or
(c) using Tor ( )

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