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recordman | 07:34 Fri 26th Jun 2015 | Law
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How effective is the 1997 'Harassment Act' and would it be better contact a lawyer or report to the police?


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recordman, I can't comment on it's effectiveness, but my gut feeling would be to report the offence to the police in the first instance - this way, if needs be and you need to contact a solicitor, you have done your due diligence first.
If you go to a sol beforehand, their advice may simply be 'report to the police and go from there' and you will be out of pocket as such.
Report to the police.

Solicitor would just advise you to go to the police anyway.
Police first - they dont charge ! hahaha pun intended

If you go to a lawyer he will charge ( p.i.) ... YOU ! ( a.p.i )

Depends on what you are alleging
as a landlord I am always involved in this as defaulting tenants think to themselves -" if I allege harassment, and he gets a PIN then he cant come around and ask for rent, Ha ! [ and so I can stay on for FREE ! hahahaa "
[ and that sort of works, sort of ]

Girls should allege sexual harassment or harassment involving children even if there arent any - the Police dont seem to mind if there is no evidence for their allegations. In my world, successfully alleging sexual harassment from a landlord gets you to the top of the re-housing list.

Yes I wrote successfully alleging - - - not successfully proving.....

so as you can see it is effective in certain sectors

( harassment is both a tort and a crime which is why you have a choice - but alleging crime is cheaper )
abbreviations p.i. - - - pun intended
a.p.i. another pun intended ....

and what happened then ? the tenant having successfully alleged harassment went on holiday with the rent money ( my rents are not cheap) and is now an ex tenant. She bolted to another property and was forced to flit from that for non payment of rent

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